Bo·Be & Rapaport

Eyewall’s jewellery brand Bo·Be is supported
by the world-renowned Rapaport Group.

Established in 1976, the Rapaport Group is an international network of companies supporting the development of fair, transparent, efficient, and competitive diamond and jewelry markets.

Rapaport shares Eyewall’s ambition to use business to create a better world, not just make money. They support socially-conscious, ethical jewellery trading and are leading lights in the promotion of human rights throughout the global industry.

With over 20,000 clients in 118 countries the Rapaport Group is an innovative force for positive change. Their information and trading services have revolutionized the diamond industry by creating unprecedented pricing and availability transparency across global markets.

Recently, the legendary Rapaport Magazine has featured Eyewall and its fund-raising jewellery brand Bo·Be. Several of our pieces have been featured on their website as their Jewel Of The Week (including our beloved Dreamcatcher, pictured).

We are proud to be associated – and aligned – with the Rapaport organisation.

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