Raising money to lower suffering.

Redkite do an amazing job helping families impacted by childhood cancer. We helped them raise funds with a donation from our not-for-profit jewellery brand Bo-Be.

Eyewall’s purpose is to create a better world through better spending. So when Redkite got in touch and said they were raising money to help the families of children suffering from cancer, we wanted to be a part.

Our idea was a Mother’s Day Raffle, with first prize being a set of Bo-Be jewellery worth over $75,000. One lucky mum received a beautiful set of diamond jewellery and Redkite received a big funding boost so that many more families could receive the practical help and emotional support they needed to get their child through cancer treatment. We think that’s a great win-win.

As one of our fundraising enterprises, Bo-Be is all about making jewellery more meaningful. We think jewellery should be a symbol for love and family, not just how much money you have. And the set we chose for the raffle is a great example. It was from our Dreaming Collection, a range of designs that reflect the Eyewall Foundation’s dream of a world where neurological diseases don’t rob us of our loved ones before their time. A dream shared by everyone at Redkite too.

Find out more about Redkite.

Every day, three Australian families are told their child has cancer. And when a child has cancer, almost every aspect of normal family life is affected. Redkite is a wonderful charity that provides emotional, financial, and practical support for families going through this horrible, unfair experience. And they’ve been doing it for 35 years, becoming Australia’s most dedicated support network for families going through the difficult journey of childhood cancer. We’re proud to partner these guys and help fund their amazing work.

to learn more

about Redkite (and maybe even donate!).

to learn more about Redkite (and maybe even donate!).

More about us.

Like to help the Eyewall Foundation fund world-changing medical research? Take a look at our purposeful enterprises. These creative little companies are the economic engines driving our fundraising efforts and delivering “a better world through better spending”.​

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We’re making jewellery more meaningful. Firstly, by designing cool rings, necklaces, brooches and more with a deeper meaning to them than just how they look or how much they're worth. Each one has a very human story to tell. And secondly, by giving 100% of the profits to the amazing medical people and institutions researching cures for neurological diseases. People trendier than us call that “conscious consumption”. We just think it makes beautiful sense.

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This amazing little enterprise is launching soon and is designed to promote both sustainability and charity. It works like this: we’re sourcing incredible designer-label clothing from the wealthy, then getting fashion and design students to repurpose them into lifestyle accessories that people at every level of society can afford to buy. Things like handbags, wallets, placemats, bookmarks, and so on. With all the money going to fund medical research. We love it and know you will too. Stay tuned for launch announcements.

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This is another clever enterprise that’s going to be a real win-win for consumers and society. It’s a sort of environmentally-conscious gifting idea, where we collect unwanted vintage crockery and get talented, altruistic artisans to break it down and create new homewares that people can buy for themselves or as gifts. And again, all the profits go directly to medical research. It’s just like the Aussie Couture Project, really, but with porcelain and fine china!

Direct Donation.

If any of these stories have resonated with you, why not support us directly through a personal or corporate donation. Donations over $5 are tax deductable and every dollar will help us fund world-changing medical research.