Penny’s Story

Hi, my name is Lindsey. That’s my daughter on the bed with my mum Penny. Mum has Multiple Sclerosis, that hideous disease that disrupts the communication between our brain and our body, so that eventually we have a fully functioning brain but our body shuts down completely.

Mum has the progressive type of this disease, so while we are fortunate to have her in our lives for longer, the relentless deterioration of movement and the constant pain is difficult to watch in someone you love.

Especially someone who is so full of life as my mother. She has always been such an independent and inspirational woman. Growing up with her was a lot of fun. Even though she worked full time as a teacher, she was very active and played netball and badminton.

She was also very musical, playing the piano all the time. And she loved nothing more than to get us kids involved in sport and music, along with sailing, swimming and always, just having a good time as a family.

Even now, mum is so strong and never complains about anything, even when she’s having a tough time and in pain. She always makes sure her MS has as little impact on us as possible. But it’s hard on everyone. Whether it’s going to a café and finding she isn’t able to access the table easily or get to the toilet, or facing the humiliation of having everyone speak to me and not her simply because she’s in a wheelchair.

Reading our story, you can understand why our whole family is so motivated to be associated with the Eyewall Foundation and their funding of new research. You see, the particular type of MS my mum has is seeing very little research progress. My mother’s management plan, for example, hasn’t changed in the past 20 years! The investment in research is so low that although mum is more than willing to participate in clinical trials for better treatments, she has never had the opportunity.

What’s more, MS is still very much a mystery disease, with no answers to why someone gets it and why others don’t. Finding out the answers to questions like these would be amazing. We hope that Eyewall’s work to sponsor full time researchers and invest in new programmes will help make that happen.

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The research we’re funding is undertaken in Western Australia and by a global network of medical practitioners. Take a look.